Conversations With C70: Episode 70

For the milestone 70th show, Daniel gets to talk again with Cardinal bullpen catcher Jamie Pogue about all the happenings in Jupiter this spring plus his thoughts on folks like Dexter Fowler, Carson Kelly, and Alex Reyes.

Conversations With C70 Episode 70: May The Force Be With Us


Conversations With C70: Episode 69

Daniel sits down with Chase Woodruff of Double Birds to talk about a variety of things, including his writing process, how he became a Cardinal fan, and all the various issues (well, maybe not ALL of them) around this current incarnation of the Cardinals.

Conversations With C70 Episode 69: You’re Braver Than I Thought

Conversations With C70: Episode 68

Daniel talks with Nate and Ben, hosts of Talking About Birds, as the season creeps ever closer.  The hacking scandal has finally been resolved and the punishment handed down.  Carlos Martinez has signed a new contract and Yadier Molina wants one.  What does the 2017 rotation look like?  What about Kolten Wong and Randal Grichuk?  All that and more in this episode!

Conversations With C70 Episode 68: The Force Is With Me

Conversations With C70: Episode 67

For the third straight week, there’s a new Conversations!  This time, Daniel sits down with Brendan Schaeffer, who you can find on KMOV and working behind the scenes of The Writers’ Block on 590 The Fan.  The guys talk about Brendan’s history as a Cardinal fan and how he was able to put that aside to get into journalism (with a few detours along the way).  Lots of insights on the St. Louis media scene as well as some good talk about the 2017 Cardinals.

Conversations With C70 Episode 67: I Am One with the Force

Conversations With C70: Episode 65

Daniel sits down with John Nagel of CardinalsFarm fame (and his regular Meet Me at Musial partner, but that’s much less impressive).  They chat about growing up in St. Louis and how that influenced everything, why John is so interested in the minor leagues, and why he decided to get back into the site game with his new place, The Redbird Daily.  Plus Daniel talks a little about Rogue One, because it’s Daniel.

Conversations With C70 Episode 65: All Is As The Force Wills It