For a good long time, the members of the United Cardinal Bloggers have done a weekly show called UCB Radio.  It allowed folks to talk about the issues of the day in Cardinal Nation, to rehash a week of games, to talk about the latest trade or free agent signing, or to armchair manage or GM a bit.

That desire to talk not only has inspired members to start their own podcasts, but it allowed the UCB to expand its outreach to bring in folks that did just podcasting (or were mainly focused on that) instead of blog writing.  A lot of unique points of view were on the digital airwaves.

We’re hoping, with this site, to help collect a lot of them and let it be your one place to stop for great Cardinal discussion and analysis.  When new episodes of our member shows go up, there should be a new post here.  Feel free to use the comment section to talk about that episode, to leave feedback, or just say how much you enjoyed it.

With all the various shows here on this site, you are sure to find one or two that you like.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts and opinions with you!